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Monday, August 21, 2006

OK so I know no one will read my post because im an outcast and no one ever checks my blog so just in case...Ahem HELLO!!!!
Pleasant Risge is pretty gay like all schools but is passable as a respectable school. I dont like my English teacher she hates me and i hate her so i guess its ok. Im listening to AFI its pretty cool i love them!! (~_~) (>_<) (O_O) that was my faces collection (T_T) theres another one. Oh well COMMENT ME I HAVENT SEEN A FRICKEN COMMENT IN A ZILLION YEARS!!! (>_<) oops another face ok see ya all!!! (O_o)


Monday, May 08, 2006


So i decided to do a normal post this time round, talk about life, politics, literature, gossip, and things of that sort.
Taley Ho' chaps today was a bit on the booring side, i sat and had tea time with my wives while watching the international cricket tournoment on the television set. Then i settled down and had a game of chess with my staping young lad Huebert the III Duke of York, and we had a jolly good time.
That was a few words from my English alter-echo, now for the Hayden Side......AHEM.... SLAVES!!!! TODAY WAS A GLORIOUS DAY FOR CONQUEST!!!!! I sat in my throne room with my harem and thought about how i was going to spend my vacation in CALIFORNIA with all the hot chickies, without losing my iron grip on my empire SOOO im going to clone myself and do both things at once, The real me will go to california and my clone will stay here (BEWARE MY CLONE MAY BECOME A PHYCOPATHIC KILLER IF INTRODUCED TO THE MEDIA SO HIDE THE TELEVISIONS) just thought id tell you so you could prepare for it.
Besides that im doing OK, Teachers are communists, girls love me, and i am boored so if anything changes i shall inform you.

From Hayden Master of the Universe.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hello slaves, i havent updated in a wile so here, bask in my typing!!!!
First off i dont like Mr Kobza or MRS hochard just to let u know and miss MCBRIDE is up there in the dislike list to so, if u see them in a dark alley on a saturday night chilled by the cool breeze of the summers first moon still clinging to the fresh dews of the winters icy breath...well, hurt them to the point of disability or until they think they are a toaster named sally either one works.Besides that all is well and im sittin here makin videos. Pretty borin... WELL in case i dont see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!!!!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

HELLO!! IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE MY LAST UPDATE, and nuthin much has happened.....OH ya i got grounded for being a so called "distruption" all year in class according to my teacher, YEAH RITE?!?!?!? ME!!!! A DISTRUPTION??? I will not stand for such talk so i decided to round house kick her into the next millineum tomarrow! Besides that im just being kool and staying out of trouble as usuall...ok mabey not but i have a good reason to be a "distruption" in class: I am bored. there you have it!!!
Peace out homie g dog shizles.
and i now hold the record for most comments!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

HELLO PEOPLE!!!! i have a ton to report to you, NO my wife didnt get killed or eaten, actually she ran away from me because i got framed for some crimes so i have to change my identity so here are a few pics of my new life:

Heres me with my all natural hair and new look.

My new ride SWEEEEET!!!!!

and heres a wanted poster of me i dont know WHERE they got this but its NOT true i mean come on its ME

Any way i shall yet again keep you updated on my criminal ways, i guess this means no movie, ITS OK dont cry just go rent Spaceballs and it will cheer you up!

P.S i saw hichhikers guide to the Galaxy

ahem "Goodbye and thank you for the Fish!!!!" hahahhaha that was a Very funny movie kind of dumb but i thought it was funny.

Your loving leader and outlaw


Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello!!!! Its time for another exiting episode of HAYDENS ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week featuring.... ME!!!!! and some star wars charactors played by.....MEEEE!!!!!!

Ahem..... First off i bought a used X-wing from the Hachee station down the block and got married AGAIN!!!!! These Aliens just love me!!!!! So here is all of the pictures of my adventures in a Galaxy far far away.....

ME and My homie Maul chillin in the desert!!

MY NEW WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forget Jawas!!!!!!!

I starred in this movie i was a Stunt Double!!! its like two of my favorite moovees mixed into one!!!!!!

P.S thats me on the hill!!

And thats pretty much all ive done the past few days saved the galaxy become the next Tom Cruise and marry a babe so until next time you are graced by a viewing of HAYDEN ROBERTS THE MAN THE LEGEND... um THE COOL PERSON stay alive and dont worry i love all of you no matter how famus i get!!!

Hayden loving husband and movie star

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hello people i bring to you sad news my wife has been eaten alive by this creature:

Dont let his fluffyness decieve you he is a merciless eater. So im a bachelor now thats too bad, i sold the jawas to the Tusken Raiders because they wouldnt leave me alone for all you jawa lovers im sorry but they are kind of annoying.

Well now that my wifes gone ill go on adventures around the galaxy and find a new wife. I tried to stay with the wookies but they dont like jawa daters that much:

Well thats all folks tune in next time for:


OH ya here is a picture of our old youth leader and my best freind in Texas:

The Friend ( Jesse) is the one glaring at you and the leader (Nathan) is the one being attacked they both ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayden Wookie lover